Studio M Architects have worked with Triple N construction since 2005. In the course of my professional relationship with Triple N they have consistently demonstrated a level of competence and expertise that makes them a pleasure to work with, time after time.

After a number of years in the business, one of the attributes I have learned to value most in a general contractor is reliability. The ability to provide a set of drawings for construction and have confidence that the project, when complete, will faithfully represent my vision and that of my clients without a need for constant supervision and oversight throughout the construction stage is of immeasurable value to me as the busy owner of a thriving small business.

Triple N is also consistent in their ability to deliver completed projects on schedule and on budget. Few things are worse than witnessing a client struggling with construction delays and ballooning budget numbers. Few have the resources to keep these kinds of struggles from doing permanent damage to their businesses before they even have a chance to open their doors. Triple N’s expertise, integrity and prudence have given them the capacities to not only anticipate potential problems but also to recover from unanticipated ones and ensure the timely delivery of completed projects.

I never hesitate to recommend Triple N Construction to any of my friends or clients!